Welcome to the Data Science District | Skills Accelerator

You’re invited to keep expanding your data science skillset with a new collaboration between Data Science District, TIB – Leibniz Information Centre of Science and Technology (TIB), and the University of Amsterdam (UvA)!

The collective aim of this collaboration is to support Data Science professionals in lifelong learning, by helping them to further improve their technical skills. TIB, UvA, and Data Science District created an open Data Science skills platform, which is free for anyone to use and allows for data scientists to constantly keep updating their skills without having to pay for expensive individual courses.

This incredible new platform will remain free and allows Data Scientists to access an ever-growing array of Open Educational Resources. The available resources offer the latest set of data science skills for all data science industries and enable Data Science professionals to easily keep up with advances and changes in the industry. This not only helps individuals, but also allows for overall innovation and development in Data Science as a whole.

What makes this tool particularly unique and helpful for all Data Science professionals, is that it is an AI-driven platform. As well as being AI-driven, the platform allows you to search for specific skills that you want to increase. Indeed, you can make the platform work for you, as based on your professional ambitions, the platform will create a recommended route for you to take with a set of educational resources that are tailored to help your professional development needs. This streamlines the process for you, making it more efficient and preparing you to get the most out of your career.

The multi-featured platform is easy to use, and once you have chosen an educational resource, either through searching a specific skill, having a browse, or following the recommended route, then simply choose the expertise level and start learning! You’ll be able to work on it at your own pace, taking your technical skills to the next level and, aiding you with your career goals.

The platform is, and forever will be free and this new collaboration is looking for Data Scientists to enrol now! The programme is an ongoing international research project, and by enrolling you’ll also help improve the platform, so that it can be developed to be the go-to Data Science learning platform for life!

If you find this interesting and/or want to stay up to date with Data Science District, visit out homepage where you can register!

March 23, 2021