It’s our main purpose in finding you the position you like. Assistance and support are provided throughout the whole process.

Clients’ Network

Get Instant access to our extensive and diverse clients’ network, spread throughout the Netherlands, from multinationals to high-tech start-ups active in every thinkable industry.

Assistance & Support

Assistance and support are provided throughout the whole process, including scheduling and preparation for your job interviews.

Advice & Guidance

During our collaboration we will do whatever is in our power to guide you through this process. Helping you present you resume, share useful information on how to prepare for the job interview and form an image to discover if the company is indeed a good match for you.


As part of our service towards our candidates offering, we provide active support during the contract negotiation phase.

Jobs Platform

Birds-eye view of all vacancies, internships, student jobs, assignments from end-clients, consulting firms and MSPs.


If we successfully found you a temporary project, we will do our best to find you new opportunities when the current project finishes, meaning rolling over from one assignment to the next at a pace you feel comfortable with.