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Data Science District is a total solutions service provider, operating exclusively within the Dutch AI & Data Science domain.
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Join a Lifelong Learning Research Project initiated by the University of Amsterdam.

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Are you looking to pursue a career within the A.I-, Data Science- or Machine Learning domain? We should be able to be of service to you.


Are you looking to grow your inhouse AI-, Data Science- and Machine Learning knowledge? Data Science District offers tailored recruitment solutions best suited for your needs.


A visionary is who you are, problems are there to be solved and you are the person who exactly knows what kind of solution must be in place for the problem.

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Starting as a vision, manifesting it in the real world and now ready to disrupt the industry. Offering a service or selling a solution; one thing every entrepreneur understands is the simple fact that you can’t do it alone.

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Are you looking to invest in high-tech, A.I, Machine Learning or Data Science entrepreneurs? Then you came to the right place. We will present to you companies who are looking for funding which could be interesting to you.

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Latest Challenges

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NLAIC LET’S BEAT COVID-19 AI in de zorg staat sinds de uitbraak van het coronavirus nog meer in de belangstelling. Zorgprofessionals en innovators, die willen weten hoe de waarde van AI snel en verantwoord kan worden ingezet om COVID-19 het hoofd te bieden, kunnen Read more
The Perfect Storm ABOUT We believe that we need to make conscious choices at using, adopting and shaping AI driven technologies and services. Lucidminds is an expert hub with cutting edge products and services around agent-based modeling coupled with analysis of digital social-interaction Read more

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Crowdsourcing Label Aggregation: Modeling task and worker correlation Blog, Daily Digest Labelled datasets are crucial for training machine learning research, both in academia and in industry. Why are labelled data important to machine learning? In the age of data abundance and machine learning prevalence on multiple domains, it is crucial to Read more