Kai is one of the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He has impressive communication skills and is a true professional. He understands the main component of recruiting which are the people, he is driven, connect easily with anyone and has a large network. He understands the level of experience of candidates and find companies that match both experience and character of the candidates. On top of that he is extremely kind and polite. I highly recommend Kai. 

Maryam Miradi

I virtually met Kai through LinkedIn, From the first contact I had with Kai, up to the time I signed my contract I felt that he was always there to support me. He is a very easy to talk person to and I instantly felt that I can trust him. I highly recommend him, if you are interested in a data related function.

Eria Polykarpou

If you need an external recruitment partner to help you recruit Big Data professionals, Kai is your man. He knows the market, has a deep understanding of the vacancies and most of all is a strategic recruitment partner. Unlike the big Agencies, Kai puts the client relationship first gives insights, represents the candidate not to earn the best fee but in the candidates (and clients) interest and gives you heads up for any potential blockers down the line. Someone asked me which Recruitment Agencies I like to work with , I don’t like to work with Agency names. I work with excellent Recruiters , and Kai is one of them.

Bianca Eder

Working with Kai was a great experience. He makes you feel comfortable easily and listen attentively to your wants and needs to find the perfect match. He knows the market well and know where to spot good opportunities. Thank you Kai for such a fruitful collaboration! Ana

Ana Maldomado

Kai heeft mij geholpen aan mijn eerste opdracht als freelancer. Hij denkt goed mee en geeft proactief advies. Bij het nemen van de eerste stappen in mijn bedrijf en in mijn eerste verkeerde inschattingen gaf hij mij gedegen korte en lange termijnadvies. Ook na het starten bij de klant heeft hij regelmatig contact en staat hij voor je klaar. Hij is positief, aanmoedigend en realistisch. Bedankt Kai voor de mooie samenwerking. Je hebt mijn verwachtingen overtroffen.

Hakim Bouali

Kai helped me to get my first project as a freelancer. He went an extra mile to make the transition as smooth as possible. He is a nice guy and easy to talk to; I would recommend him to my fellow workers.

Mendel van ‘t Riet