Want to connect, or establish partnerships with AI, Data Science students, young professionals and/or start-ups? Creating a challenge not only shows you are a company that really cares but allows you to get in touch with the target audience you are so trying to reach.

Come up with an appealing challenge, provide the necessary data set(s), determine the winning conditions, arrange competition prizes and off we go.

Creating a challenge for students

  • A great way to find a solution for a problem your current A.I, Data Science team is not able to solve or doesn’t have the time for it.
  • Creating a challenge not only is a nice way of presenting your company but allows you as well to really get to know and evaluate the eager bright minds out there. Offering participants, a paid internship or student job or perhaps even the possibility in further develop their created solution.

Creating a challenge for Young Professionals

  • What better way to get to know your future employee by asking them to participate in your organised challenge?



Looking for a way to connect and establish partnerships with AI start-ups? We have created a twofold service which connects you with them in an easy and fun way.

Create your own challenge
By creating a challenge in which Start-ups get the opportunity to come up with solutions for the problem you have asked the to solve.

Accept an offered solution
Get in touch with the next generation of AI unicorns, be ahead of the game by accepting an offered solution. Yes, accepting a challenge can go both ways. We will facilitate in matching you with ambitious Start-ups looking to start (or sell) their business and form partnerships with enterprises likes yours.