How We Work

For us to be able to help you find the best suited professional for the job, we need to fully understand your needs. To reach our common goal a close collaboration is required.

Formal Agreement

After we have come to a formal agreement and by taking the terms and conditions into consideration, we will start our search.

SpecialJob Specificationists Network

Before starting our search, we need to know your needs/requirements. During a conference call, we will ask in-depth questions regarding the role itself and discuss the ideal candidate profile looking at the hard- and soft-skills, which are required.


To ensure the process runs smoothly we set specific milestones for every appointment.

These relate to

  • CV-feedback
  • Interview dates
  • Interview process
  • Decision making process

Note: This process will be set up by looking at the ideal start date of the specialist.

Pro-active Approach

Based on your needs we will proactively contact professionals on your behalf. Because of our intense personal contact with these professionals we are not only able to present you actively looking professionals, but a group of latent specialists which are not visible for the market as well.

After Placement Care

Regular evaluation moments to keep improving our service.


Tailored recruitment solutions best suited for your needs.


Counselling is provided throughout the contract negotiation phase.

Progress Reports

Receive weekly update reports on current affairs. This includes, interview feedback, number of professionals which have been contacted etc.

Reference Check

We offer 360ยบ reference checks of our presented candidates.