About us

Data Science District is a total solutions service provider, operating exclusively within the Dutch AI & Data Science domain. Our responsibility can be best described as being the ‘linking pin’ between people and organisations. Initiating first-time introductions and offering support to help building long-term relations between each other.

With over 10+ years of experience, we have created hundreds of successful collaborations. Offering a service best described as personal and professional. Looking at each situation separately and listening to everyone’s specific needs by working closely together. Offering tailor-made solutions considering the specific mapped out requirements of our clients.

Being one of the first full-service AI & Data Science agencies in the Netherlands our clients’ network has grown just as explosively in comparison to the rapid domain development in the last few years. Our clients are best described as diverse, from innovative start- & scaleups to multinationals active in every thinkable industry.

Our global AI expert ‘community’ has grown exponentially and consists out of tens of thousands of professionals active in areas like AI, machine learning & data science. In which we act as facilitator offering a platform where knowledge-sharing, networking, education, sustainable initiatives and equal rights are being promoted.

Being active member of the Dutch AI Coalition, we strive to be part of a network which aim is to contribute in trying to create a fruitful environment in which A.I can flourish and will result in the Netherlands becoming one of the leading A.I countries of the world.  The future is NOW.