Grootbanken zetten zich in voor fraudebestrijding op “Data Science”in Finance Conference

Banks in the Netherlands (ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank and de Volksbank) are starting a new tradition – the Data Science in Finance Conference. For three days, data scientists and experts from the financial domain in the NL will address the main challenges on KYC and anti-money laundering, fraud detection, bias & fairness, explainable AI and financial risk. Banks have a common, societal responsibility and the ultimate conference goal is learning, sharing and strengthening our connections to serve society better. The knowledge sharing during this event will be an important step towards stronger collaborations among data scientists from different banks.

Invited keynote speakers and panelists are going to share their perspectives on selected topics related to challenges that banks are facing. The conference also includes training and workshops, to strengthen the technical skills of data scientists on these topics.

This event is targeted at data scientists working in the finance sector, but is also interesting for a wide range of people working in the data & analytics domain, including analysts, policy makers, privacy experts and much more.

April 20, 2021