How We Work

For us to be able to help you find a suitable job, we need to fully understand what you are expecting to find in a new opportunity. To reach our common goal a close collaboration is required.

Conference Call

Before you decide that we may help you, we will always schedule a conference call with you first. This call can take place during or outside office-hours.

Pro-active Approach

Based on your needs we will proactively contact companies on your behalf.

Progress Reports

Receive weekly update reports on current affairs. This includes, cv-feedback, interview feedback, companies which have been contacted etc.

Spam Free

We will only send you job openings if you want us to, if no longer necessary you can choose to no longer receive this information by easily unsubscribe.


Working with us, means no secrets! Reaching a mutual beneficial agreement regarding hourly rates, margins etc.


Your individual responses and personal data will not be shared with third parties, unless we have asked – and you have provided us with – explicit permission to do so.


If we successful placed you at a temporary project we will schedule regular evaluation moments to discuss the current- and potential future assignments.


We work in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch legislation. This includes all information you provide us, including any personal information, will be kept strictly confidential. Your input will only be used to try and find you a job that matches your precise needs. For further in detailed information please read our privacy statement.