Data Science District offers tailor-made search solutions in order to find you the professionals you need. Assistance and support are provided throughout the whole process.

Market Specialist

Exclusively focusing on the AI/Data Science domain for years.

Specialists Network

Get Instant access to our extensive and diverse specialists’ network, spread throughout the Netherlands. From students, Young Professionals to experienced freelance market guru’s with domain knowledge in every thinkable industry.


No unsolicited sharing of resumes or other information.

Contract Management & Administration

Data Science District takes care of the administration and contracting affairs involved with hiring of flexible professionals. This includes chain and hiring liability (Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid), screening and file management, optimizing compliance, consolidation of invoice flow, creating a clear and efficient hiring process.

Advise & Guidance

During our collaboration we will do whatever is in our power to create a smooth process. This includes advising you on the kind of professional you are looking for and guide you in making the decision whether a candidate is indeed a good match for you.

Assistance & Support

Assistance and support are provided throughout the whole process, including scheduling interviews, sharing interview feedback and taking reference checks.


We work in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch legislation. This includes all information you provide us, including any personal information, will be kept strictly confidential. Your input will only be used to try and find you the professional(s) you are looking for. For further in detailed information please read our privacy statement.