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We are offering an overview of all A.I, Data Science and Machine Learning related learning initiatives in the Netherlands. With a network of thousands of professionals looking for ways to keep on improving their skills and a customer base constantly looking to keep ahead of the competition by offering their employees individual learning budget to do so our website created a unique opportunity to communicate directly to this specific group of professionals.

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Are you looking for ways to further develop the Data Science or AI skills set of your organisation or a specific department?

Please share with us your specific needs and we can support you in creating the perfect curriculum. Looking at the goals you want to achieve, the skills you like to get developed and the level of expertise from your employees.

We have established a network of almost every A.I, Data Science training provider in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of online courses, workshops and tailormade in-house personal coaching journeys.

We will reach out to all of them and present a selection for you to be able to handpick the ones you find best suited for your needs. Looking for a customized user-first learning platform? Yes, we can help you in this as well.



Achieve your goals, develop your skills, prepare for your career, earn a certificate or degree. Keep on growing and most importantly never stop learning.

We have created a platform with all offering out there.

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