Data Science District announces collaboration with UbiOps

Data Science District is excited to announce a collaboration and a new established partnership with the company UbiOps. A company which enables and helps data scientists to deploy their data-driven applications effortlessly.

UbiOps is an exciting Dutch scaleup, offering an all-in-one software platform which enables Data Scientists and engineers to manage their own deployments, serving infrastructure, and monitoring set up using cloud-based software. UbiOps offers a flexible, powerful and modern backend for data-driven applications: the perfect platform for modern data scientists trying to bring their code online within the cloud. The company has already raised a 2 million Euro investment in 2019 from a leading global venture capital firm, Global Founders Capital. From this initial investment, UbiOps has grown and developed rapidly to create an even better platform for data scientists.

The UbiOps platform enables you to deploy simple data processing functions to complex machine learning models in a very easy way. UbiOps containerises your code, deploys it as a microservice, scales automatically and takes care of the request handling. With UbiOps you can easily transform your data science code into a scalable, robust, and secure end-to-end application, without needing to worry about the underlying cloud infrastructure. UbiOps even included features for creating data flows, version management, and more!

UbiOps has most recently launched a user community on Slack, allowing for communication between users of the UbiOps platform. This allows UbiOps to be more than a software platform alone. It is also a community for data scientists to develop their ideas, and a place to communicate with UbiOps directly. Due to its subscription-based pricing model UbiOps can be used by any type of individual user or company. TNO Wind Energy has recently started using UbiOps, having seen how UbiOps is a company committed to the continuous improvement of the platform and is aiming to become the leading SaaS company for model operations.

The UbiOps platform really engages with the data science community and has created a solution to a modern data science problem, which is why at Data Science District we are so excited to announce our established partnership with UbiOps.

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March 18, 2021