VIQTOR DAVIS joins First Consulting and Valcon: building a strong North-Western European consulting organisation

Amsterdam – 18.2.2021 – Viqtor Davis is to join the recently formed combination of First Consulting and Valcon. Viqtor Davis has its origin as a service provider for data management, data science and data analytics. This joining of forces is a next step in the journey to become a leading North-western European consulting and technology organisation.

The combination of First Consulting (including First Technology) and Valcon has a strong track record in helping leading companies in North-western Europe with operational strategy, business transformation (processes, technology and implementation) and digitalisation. Upon joining forces with Viqtor Davis, this is strengthened with a strong track record in helping leading companies in the Netherlands and UK with all aspects on data: from data management to advanced data solutions.

Using advanced analytics to improve operational decisions is top of mind in any board room. The impact of Covid-19 and the accelerated need to digitise boost this development. The new group is ideally prepared to help leading clients with identifying and implementing real changes through the combination of business consulting, technology and data.

With this step, the combined company grows to over 800 people in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. With this joining of forces, Viqtor Davis will join the management team of the combined group. The group is supported by private equity investment group Waterland.

Geert van den Goor, Group Managing Partner and Managing Partner of First Consulting and First Technology, states: “At our clients, we see that the data angle is of growing importance in realising operational challenges, in addition to processes, people and technology. We are therefore very happy that Viqtor Davis, a leading organisation in data, will be joining forces with us. This also seamlessly fits with our strategy to become a leading North-western European consulting and technology organisation.

Ivo-Paul Tummers, Chairman of the Board VIQTOR DAVIS, adds: “The market is increasingly asking for broad support across data- and digital transformation. Effective digital transformation projects are a complex mix of change to the culture, processes and technology, under-pinned by data. Successful outcomes will require the combination of various disciplines. In the new combination, we envisage a unique collection of expertise that will directly connect to customer demand.”

Michael Hjortlund, Managing Partner, Valcon, concludes: “Our merger with Viqtor Davis is a natural next step in the journey that began with our merger with First. Our clients’ need for a trusted advisor that can support them in all aspects of their digital initiatives has been accelerated by the pandemic. As a group, I would say that we are now a very strong player in the market able to support clients with making their business ready for the future.”

About First Consulting

First Consulting (including First Technology) is a fast-growing no-nonsense consulting and technology organisation. With 350 employees, the company focuses on resolving operational issues at customers in the Infrastructure, Utility, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance and Government sectors. At the heart of this are the operational business processes of the customers, focusing on digitisation and enabling change in organisations.

About Valcon

Valcon is a Scandinavian strategy and operations consulting company founded in 2000. From a Scandinavian base, Valcon supports client organisations globally in achieving their strategic goals and succeeding on their transformational journeys. Valcon employs around 180 professionals working from offices in Denmark and Sweden.


February 18, 2021