Meet the nine new Dutch scaleups chosen by for the final batch of its Rise Programme in 2021.

Amsterdam-based (formerly StartupDelta), a non-profit publicly funded organization that helps to measure and expedite the Dutch tech ecosystem, has declared the final batch of nine scaleups for its Rise Programme in 2021.

NADUVI, Returnista, TestGorilla, FeedbackFruits, Talk360, Optiply, Temper, VIKTOR, and RoomRaccoon are among the nine scaleups chosen this quarter for their demonstrated solutions to reshape their respective industries.

What does offer? claims to provide the “best” learning and connections infrastructure to chosen scale-ups. These scale-ups acquire access to leading experts, networks, and resources through the Rise Programme, allowing them to take lessons from the finest Dutch entrepreneurs and grow internationally.

Furthermore, the program places scale-ups on the global map with corporates, investors, and the media. The Program’s findings can then be used to improve the Dutch tech ecosystem, as well as to identify the problems and alternatives to scale up growth challenges.

“We are very proud to welcome another group of nine very ambitious companies, and we are ready to accelerate their scale-up process and expand their networks,” says Tjarda Voorneman, Lead, Rise Programme. They are excited to bring together ideas and learn from leading Dutch entrepreneurs.

Below are the nine selected scale-ups:


Founder: Ewoud de Kok

Founded in: 2012

FeedbackFruits collaborates with higher education institutions to co-create teaching tools that help fuel student engagement. The applications are available for active learning, with a focus on a learner-centered interactive learning experience.

FeedbackFruits offers synchronous and asynchronous learning solutions that assist individuals in developing their study processes in different formats (video/document/audio/presentation) more engaging, facilitating peer learning across responses and discussions, and assessing student learning.


Founder: Itai Gross

Founded in: 2019

NADUVI is an online home and living avenue in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany that offers over 200+ brands and a selection of over 35,000 products at markdowns varying from 30% to 80%. Businesses can use the platform to sell and deliver directly to customers.

Over the last year, the company’s supplier portfolio has grown as fresh products are added on a daily basis. This assists the framework in attracting customers who return to the website.


Founder: Hans Osnabrugge

Founded in: 2016

Talk360’s goal is to address the connectivity issue that plagues apps that rely heavily on an internet connection. The company has developed an app that can be used to make international calls to any mobile phone or landline in the world, even if the recipient does not have an internet connection.

Talk360’s payment platform aspires to be the world’s first single online ordering platform for all underserved areas, trying to combine all local currencies and forms of payment.


Founders: Wouter Durville, Otto Verhage

Founded in: 2020

TestGorilla is a pre-assessment device that assists businesses in hiring the right talent by evaluating all factors related to job success for the applicant, such as cognitive abilities, soft skills, specific job skills, culture fit, motivation, and conversational fluency. The company claims that by using TestGorilla, their customers end up saving countless hours, make objective hiring decisions, and avoiding expensive mis-hires.


Founders: Peter Madlener, Wouter Riedijk

Founded in: 2017

VIKTOR runs a platform for building apps that automatizes workflows. It is an application development framework based on the Python software development kit that allows engineers and other domain experts to quickly make their own web-based applications. The company platform allows for the centralization and distribution of data, models, and analyses to other experts while also serving as a single point of truth.

Their mission is to help people “automate the boring and engineer the awesome” by providing a platform that allows them to “automate the boring and engineer the awesome!”


Founders: Quinten Muller, Olivier Muller, Ronald van de Laar 

Founded in: 2016

Returnista operates a return management interface that allows vendors to provide a unified experience, collect data, and generate sales from the returns process. The returns process is viewed as the “forgotten sales channel” by the company. They can retain up to 40% more revenue for merchants by delivering the right product at the right time.


Founders: Hugo Feenstra, Niels Arntz, Paul Eggink, Sebastiaan Tan

Founded in: 2015

Temper is a tech-enabled work marketplace that links freelancers with companies in a variety of industries, including hospitality, logistics, and retail. The platform provides businesses with on-demand workforce planning, direct access to the most qualified workers, complete control over the hiring process, and efficient automated processes.

Temper, on the other hand, empowers people with opportunities by managing work through an intuitive in-app experience. Workers have easy access to the most diverse range of interesting jobs, complete control over when and where they work, and higher pay.


Founders: Sander van den Broek, Wiebe Konter

Founded in: 2015

Optiply is an e-commerce inventory optimization and forecasting solution that is cloud-based. The approach works with the client’s current webshop to collect data and automate the purchasing process.

It forecasts inventory based on historical sales data and examines trends and seasonalities in sales data. Based on the purchasing advice, businesses can then place orders with suppliers.


Founder: Tymen van Dyl, Nadja Buckenberger

Founded in: 2017

An independent hotel owner founded RoomRaccoon. The company claims to offer a system that automatically optimizes rates based on room-sell probability in real-time and automatically upsells room upgrades and extras to guests. In 2020 and 2021, the company’s solution was named the Best Hotel Management System.


Source: Silicon Canals

January 21, 2022