The Perfect Storm

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We believe that we need to make conscious choices at using, adopting and shaping AI driven technologies and services.

Lucidminds is an expert hub with cutting edge products and services around agent-based modeling coupled with analysis of digital social-interaction patterns and dynamics.

We provide tailored solutions primarily for businesses and organizations. We work with them in the redesign of their data-driven business models, organization structures, products, and services.  We incorporate end-user preferences transparently in our machine learning algorithms.


  1. Corona Pandemic
  2. Economic Recession
  3. Financial Crash
  4. Climate Crisis


Economic, demographic, financial and ecological factors of the global storm need a holistic approach to understand and to solve the problem. It is fundamentally a problem of complex, bottom-up and multi-agent human behaviours that are simultaneously exhibited through socio-economic and socio-ecological interactions.

Given the degree of complexity, we imagine an innovative and possibly gamified approach where we combine social, economic, and ecological actors. Our point of departure is based on the understanding that the challenge can no longer be separated from the broader context of geo-eco-humano adaptation and collective action.

We propose to create a data-driven, multi-actor and AI-enabled game environment, where human players and AI actors co-evolve and learn how to find commonly shared solutions to these global challenges.

The end product is an online serious game-platform populated by AI agents and actual human players.


Agent-based Macroeconomic Modelling and
Serious Game Design

Since 2006, the Lucidminds team, alongside a network of close
collaborators have developed agent-based macroeconomic models.
Members of the team have contributed to the frontier of research in
this area leading to state-of-the-art models such as the Eurace,
Eurace@UNIBI, and Iceace models.

A version of the Eurace model has been previously funded by the
European Union to be adopted for a serious macroeconomic game

Resource Needs

Modelling Team
Domain Experts
Simulation Modelers
Data Team
Data Engineers
Data Scientists
Design Team
UX/UI Designers
Software Developers
€1.5M per Annum
5 years
Clime, Demographic

Solution Provided By

April 10, 2020

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