Uncertain about sampler methods?

Bayesian models are great. They can naturally propagate uncertainty to single predictions, incorporating domain knowledge is easy and you can build awesome hierarchical models with partial pooling. The goal of these Bayesian models is to calculate the posterior. Usually this is done with sampling techniques, for example by calling ‘pm.sample()’ in PyMC3. But what magic is done under the hood here? During this talk we will implement metropolis sampling and open up this black box. This will help you debug your Bayesian models, and hopefully persuade you to use Bayesian methods more often in your day to day work.

Speaker Bio: David Woudenberg works as a Data Scientist at Xomnia in Amsterdam. He spends most his time working with their venture in the inland shipping industry, Shipping Technology, which aims to bring (semi-)autonomous operation to the inland shipping world. Next to that David provides training sessions for junior colleagues on all sorts of topics, one of them being Bayesian Statistics.

What: PyData Amsterdam Code breakfast – Uncertain about sampler methods?
Who: David Woudenberg
When: Fri, 22-05 – 09:00 to 10:30
Where: online, https://zoom.us/j/92238329209

May 13, 2020