• Regio Headquarter Noord-Holland
  • Company Size 11-50

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    DataStories International is Belgium-based Data Discovery and Augmented Analytics software company helping business users understand their complex data. Our clients say we are the only tool so far which has a direct feedback loop from machine learning algorithms to actions.

    DataStories.com comes with a browser-based platform for business users to help them do analytics themselves, and with a Python SDK for the data engineers and data scientists to help them better communicate the results back to business stakeholders.

    The DataStories software suite comprises a modular product implementing proprietary self-adapting machine learning algorithms of DataStories in an end-to-end data analysis and interpretation workflow – a data story. The product can be used as a visual, browser-based platform (hosted on a public or private cloud, or HPC), a DataStories Platform API, and an SDK for Python, callable from a Jupyter notebook.

    Our platform addresses four major challenges of every data owner: – How are all the factors I measure related to each other? – Which factors truly impact my outcomes (KPIs)? – What should I change, and by how much exactly to achieve the outcomes I need? – What are exceptions to the rules?