• Type Classroom
  • Region Noord-Holland
  • Duration > 1 month
  • Certificate Yes
  • Degree Yes

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    Data Science Essentials

    The demand for data science talent is growing enormously. If you are working as a business professional and you are ambitious to dive into data science, this hands-on course might be your stepping stone towards becoming a starting data scientist.

    This 8-day course will be lectured by university lecturers and experts from practice. The experts have been conducting data science projects for multiple years and have a wide range of practical experiences. They will share their best practices with you and warn you about the pitfalls of data science projects.

    The goal of the course is to teach participants the practical and hands-on skills to conduct data science projects. We mainly focus on the practical and ‘hard’ skills like programming, statistics and machine learning, but will pay attention to the necessary soft skills as well. You will learn the key concepts for working with data and analytics techniques and grow the skills to efficiently run data science projects to answer the key questions of your

    Course outline

    • Day 1. Introduction to Data Science & Python programming
    • Day 2. Statistics for data science
    • Day 3. Data preprocessing, exploratory data analysis & visualisation
    • Day 4. Determining the right business question & running data science projects
    • Day 5. Machine learning
    • Day 6. Model performance, selection and tuning
    • Day 7. Prescriptive analytics, operations research and optimisation
    • Day 8. Hackathon: show off your skills!

    How will this course benefit your career?

    • You can apply data science to tackle business questions.
    • You will gain the ability to quickly get insights in your data.
    • You will learn how to clean and preprocess data for
    • subsequent analyses.
    • You will be able to conduct statistically valid analyses.
    • You will learn how to effectively visualise data with the latest tooling.
    • You will know how to build advanced predictive models to optimise your business processes.
    • You can apply all of the above with the leading open-source
    • data science programming language: Python.

    On the last day of the course we organise a hackathon, in which participants can showcase their freshly acquired skills. We share a business case and dataset, and challenge the participants to go through all stages of a data science project.

    After completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance of the University of Amsterdam. For accountants, controllers and auditors, the course will provide 56 PE-hours.

    Participant profile and entry requirements
    This course is for business professionals who perform analyses of any form on data on a daily basis. The content is especially tailored to people who seek to get more from their data. A technical background or profound affinity is a prerequisite, since you will be learning a programming language and will be developing competences in advanced statistics.

    Relevant industries
    Basically all industries that want to get more value and insights from their data. Including but not limited to: Banks, Insurance Firms, Financial Institutions, Tax, Institutional Investors, Accountancy, Auditing, Consultancy, Services, Government, Energy, Telecom, IT, Internet, Marketing and Communication, Event Management, Logistics, Retail, Trade, Consumer Products, Freight, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

    Relevant job titles: Engineer, Auditor, Controller, Information Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, IT-architect, Digital Marketeer, Data Analyst, Product Developer, IT Process Manager, Risk Manager, Business Analyst, Business Information Analyst, Market Researcher, Manager Customer Intelligence, Business Intelligence Specialist, Consultant or Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Operations Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst,
    Marketing Analyst, Database Marketeer, Engineers, Reporting
    Analyst, Online Marketeer, Sales Analyst, Planner and Process