• Type E-Learning
  • Price €595,-
  • Region Noord-Holland
  • Skill Level Intermidiate
  • Duration > 1 month
  • Certificate Yes
  • Degree No
  • Language English
  • Specialization Aritifical Intelligence

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    AI in a day

    Step into the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  This learning journey takes you through the technology and techniques that lie behind smart applications such as expert systems and image recognition.  We explain what AI is, addressing basic techniques such as Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and cover application areas such numerical models, classification, chatbots, voice and recognition, natural language processing and expert systems.

    In this journey, we assume the participant has a starting knowledge of data equivalent to “Data Driven Business I – Foundation”.  You can follow this journey first however and fill in your knowledge gaps with the data driven business journey later.

    Following on from this journey, you can take the step towards becoming an Augmented Human by following the additional modules for Cognitive Augmentation or go straight to the My First AI Model journey.

    The learning objectives are:

    • Understand why Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are vital for your future
    • Explore what Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are and how they create disruptive change
    • Learn what algorithms and machine learning are and how these are used
    • Become aware of the key risks and dilemma’s and what measures you can take to mitigate these
    • Learn how to get started with an application area

    Estimated time: 6-8 hours