State of Data Engineering in 2022: New Challenges with Data Security and Quality

Immuta has released 2022’s Data Engineering Survey, having examined the demanding landscape of data engineering and operations their survey probed data leaders, engineers, and architects about trends, challenges, and upcoming predictions. Dynamic, the modern data engineering technology market is driven by the tectonic shift from on-premise databases and BI tools to modern, cloud-based data platforms built on lakehouse architectures. 

As the cloud data technology market evolves, organizations are employing numerous technologies to stay in line with the scope and rate that the milieu requires. The survey included some of the current trends being seen and challenges expected in coming years:

  • The most and least ambitious tasks that data teams endure with data pipelines
  • Why the modern data landscape and data use are behind the emergence of new challenges
  • The top cloud data platforms and tools that data teams are embracing to maximize the worth of their data

Immuta’s survey intends to help data teams decipher and learn from the choices others are making in this rapidly changing data landscape.

Survey results from Immuta

Source: insideBIGDATA

December 2, 2021