• Regio Headquarter NH, Amsterdam
  • Company Size 11-50

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    Podictive support its clients to gain control and become more secure by implementing security measurements to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer’s data. With improvement initiatives on efficiency and effectiveness of existing security processes and implementation of new security services we deliver increasing quality of service, a lower risk level to the client’s business and lower operational costs.

    Podictive is a specialized and relatively young organization with the ambition to develop itself to what the market needs and what we want to be. Very aware of the fact that employees of Podictive can make the positive difference in any organization. Podictive has experience (with proven successful implementations) at several leading multinationals.

    We understand that people, process and technology need to be in harmony with each other in order to have a secure and compliant IT environment against acceptable costs. Quite simple, we achieve this by having the right people on the right place, help customers bring there IT security processes and governance to a desired maturity level and adapt technology which support respective people and processes.