• Regio Headquarter ZH, Delft
  • Company Size 2-10

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    Fully utilising computer technology to tackle humanity’s challenges.

    At Birds.ai, we fully utilise computer technology to tackle humanity’s challenges. Our toolset contains artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. With this, we create intelligent analytical software to accelerate your business in three simple steps:

    (1) Digitize — Creating a digital representation of your process for evidence-based decisions (2) Making it smart — Developing artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically analyze and transform data into information (3) Providing insights — Visualize the information in an insightful overview to take direct action.

    Our customers include governments, manufacturers, utilities, and asset operators. They utilise our expertise for: (1) Anomaly checks — Spotting customer-specified abnormalities using next-level AI image recognition (2) Functional statistics — Visualizing statistics to support strategic decision-making (3) Intelligent monitoring — Video monitoring for optimizing automated processes.