• Salary €50.000 – €60.000
  • Job Intesity 40 hours
  • Location UT, Utrecht
  • Language Dutch, English
  • Function Data Scientist
  • Expertise Medior (2-4 year)

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    Data Scientist Specialist

    Job Description:

    As a Data Scientist Specialist, you will play a crucial role in understanding specific questions from our clients and providing data-driven analyses to answer them. Your responsibilities will include gathering the right information, formulating working hypotheses, and systematically solving problems step by step. Clear communication of analytical steps, outcomes, and impact to both team members and stakeholders is essential. Additionally, you will be responsible for implementing and potentially automating these steps, integrating them into our clients’ data systems. You will work alongside a multidisciplinary team of business consultants, professional developers, and technical specialists, leveraging your passion for IT and technology, along with strong analytical and communicative skills.



    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (BSc).
    • Proficiency in Dutch and English.
    • Experience with Python.


    • Knowledge of C programming language.
    • Proficiency in R programming language.
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.
    • Knowledge of C++ programming language.
    • Master’s degree in Computer Science (MSc).
    • Proficiency in SQL.
    • Proficiency in MySQL.

    Working Conditions:

    • 2 days per week at the office, 3 days remote.
    • 25 vacation days.
    • Remote working is possible.

    Company Culture:

    In short, we are a no-nonsense consulting firm focused on delivering value consulting services to our clients. Our team consists of driven IT professionals with in-depth technology expertise. We work with more than 1000 enthusiastic colleagues in North-Western Europe, serving clients such as Heineken, Alliander, ABN AMRO, and Axcel. Our core values are Can-do, Together, Curiosity, Integrity, and Joy.

    The Team: The team consists of 20 people who primarily communicate in English.

    Responsibilities (per week):

    • Understand and solve challenging business issues using data across various customer segments: 10 hrs.
    • Implement and integrate solutions and applications into different system landscapes: 10 hrs.
    • Maintain contacts with stakeholders and provide them with adequate and transparent updates on outcomes, progress, or setbacks: 10 hrs.
    • Train and coach business consultants and junior team members: 5 hrs.
    • Build and maintain a relevant network with existing and new customers: 5 hrs.
    • Total per week: 40 hrs.