Are you looking to grow your inhouse AI-, Data Science- and Machine Learning knowledge? Data Science District offers tailored recruitment solutions best suited for your needs.

Permanent Solutions

Data Science District can be of assistance in helping you fill permanent positions within your company presenting you talented professionals perfectly suited to your needs.

Contract & Temporary Solutions

If you are looking for a temporary professional within this area of expertise, we should be able to be of service to you.


Data Science District supports companies looking to hire Young Professionals ambitious to land their first job in Data Science and/or -Engineering. Next to finding the right candidates, we can advise on possible additional training initiatives if desired.

Student Job

Students can be a great addition to your Data Science department. Whether you want to kick-start a new A.I. project for which specific knowledge is required, or just relieve the workload of your department: hiring students is an easy and flexible way to scale-up your department and maximize the efficiency of your whole organization. We recruit the students best suited for your needs.


Are you looking to offer students paid internships? We can reach out to students following relevant BSc. Or MSc programs eagerly looking to fill these positions.

Global Young Professionals

The search for Young talented AI professionals is difficult because the demand exceeds the supply.

Together with AISEC we help companies bring in Young Professionals for paid working paths with a duration of 3-18 months.

Our service encompasses the who process of hiring an international Young Professional.