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    Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription

    Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription

    The Big Data Learning Subscription has lessons that can help you learn how acquire, organize, visualize, and transform your big data to gain valuable insights into your business. Topics include: Getting started with Big Data, Oracle Big Data for Administrators, Oracle Big Data for Developers, Oracle Big Data Analyst and Industry Trends.

    Companies have been making business decisions for decades based on transactional data stored in relational databases. Beyond that critical data is a potential treasure trove of less structured data: weblogs, social media, email, sensors, and photographs that can be mined for useful information.

    Oracle offers a broad and integrated portfolio of products to help you acquire and organize these diverse data sources and analyze them alongside your existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships and the Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription can help you get started with developing the skills you need to start making the most out of your data.

    Content is added over time and will be added to your subscription as it becomes available.