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    Data Science at the Command Line

    The unix command line, although invented decades ago, is an amazing environment for efficiently performing tedious but essential data science tasks. By combining small, powerful, command-line tools (like parallel, jq, and csvkit), you can quickly scrub and explore your data and hack together prototypes.

    This hands-on workshop is based on the O’Reilly book Data Science at the Command Line, written by our CEO Jeroen Janssens. You’ll learn how to build fast data pipelines, how to leverage R and Python at the command line, and how to quickly visualise data. No prior knowledge about the unix command line is required.

    By the end of this workshop you will have a solid understanding of how to integrate the command line in your data science workflow. Even if you’re already comfortable processing data with, for example, R or Python, being able to also leverage the power of the command line can make you a more effective and efficient data scientist.