• Type E-Learning
  • Price €2750,-
  • Region NB, Tilburg
  • Skill Level Intermidiate
  • Duration > 1 month
  • Certificate Yes
  • Degree Yes
  • Language Dutch
  • Specialization Data Science
  • Skill Track Python, Azure

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    Big Data | AI & Law

    The program Big Data | AI & Law offers you a full spectrum on the legal, regulatory and ethical issues that arise with the development and use of artificial intelligence and big data. You will get a comprehensive view on the latest developments in big data and artificial intelligence (AI) related to the law and legal practice. A wide range of topics including the GDPR, ethical issues of big data and AI, contractual protection of data and IP-rights are covered in the standard program. On top of this groundwork you can choose to follow one of the one-day specialist modules for specific topics. Having followed this program, you have an up-to-date understanding of the legal challenges of big data as well as be able to apply law and regulations in dealing with these technologies.