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    Advanced Big Data Analytics, Architecture, Management and Applications (ANDMA)

    This course covers the major architecture designs required to cater to different needs of the application, data center or deployment requirements. This course provides architectural designs and advanced hands-on training on topics covering Scaling of cluster to thousands of nodes and management, Lambda architecture for streaming analytics, Data Life Cycle management with HDFS tiered storage, and different approaches for Multi-tenant Hadoop cluster deployments with Openstack, UCSD Express, or with MapR volumes and Work-load Automation topics concerning the deployment of Big Data clusters. This course will cover the application and infrastructure architecture components for each use case with specific focus on Hadoop deployments. You will learn UCSD Express end to end automation for big data as well as best practices around Data Disaster Recovery and security. Module 1: Scaling to thousands of nodes - ACI Module 2: Analytics ? Splunk Module 3: Edge Analytics (Social Media, IoT) Module 4: SQL on Hadoop Module 5: Data Life Cycle management - Tiered