Select Boutique AI/ Data Science Consultancy Firms

Helping companies to efficiently select boutique AI/ Data Science consulting firms best suited to their needs.

Companies often run into specific data driven problems and over the years have asked us to help them find the right partner to addres those problems for them.  

By doing so, we have built up a vast network of specialised data driven consulting firms all with their own specific capabilities, niches and unique selling points.

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Consulting Firms

  • No Cure No Pay
  • Network: Instant access to hundreds of companies which are making use of our service.
  • RFPs: Shortlisting and participation in our clients’ RFP processes.
  • Service: Offer your service to companies which are looking to hire consulting firms.
  • Presentation: Get the opportunity to present your RFP after being selected by our client(s).
  • Start: Following selection, we will step out during the onboarding process.
  • Evaluation: Regular evaluation moments to keep improving our service.


  • Free of charge
  • Network: Instantaccess to our vast network of AI/Data Science consulting firms.
  • Time saving: Share your criteria with us and we will contact consulting firms on your behalf.
  • Pre-selection: We will pre-select matching consultancy firms based on our knowledge of the full spectrum of consulting firms out there.
  • Confidential: All our partners are under NDA with us.
  • Privacy: We will never share information without your approval.
  • Shortlisting: Out of all RFPs, a shortlist of names will be compiled who will present their case to you.
  • Assist: We will take care of logistics for meetings and presentations.
  • Evaluation: Regular evaluation moments to keep improving our service.