• Job Intesity 32-40 hours
  • Location UT, Amersfoort
  • Language Dutch, English
  • Function Data Engineer
  • Expertise No Experience (0 years)
  • Education BSc
  • Industry Dairy
  • Coding Python, SQL
  • Big Data Spark
  • Data Science Pandas, Pyspark
  • Cloud AWS

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    Data Engineer Intern

    Short description

    Do you like solving engineering puzzles? Do you want to work with real data instead of MNIST? Do you want to learn to operationalize data science and engineering successfully in a legacy environment?

    Then we are looking for you!

    FrieslandCampina’s Data Science Center of Excellence is looking for a data engineering intern to join the growing group of data engineers.

    As data engineers, we are responsible for enabling business analysts and data scientists to get value from data in a painless, fast and reliable way. This means we do four things well:Collect data. make it reliably available. Build data pipelines to move data around and connect data from different sources, Maintain a platform (AWS, DataIKU) on which analysts, business people, data scientists and data engineers can work together. Operationalize data science results into products that scale well and can be used by business people. And we need to do those things well quickly, reliably and with as many standardized tools as possible. That means we are looking for people that love to puzzle python package and AWS shared services together.

    What we ask

    • You love to try and learn from successes and mistakes. We know a lot, but we also figure out things along the way. You love to do that just as much as we.
    • You know Python, Pandas and SQL
    • You like taking responsibility and know how and when to ask for help
    • You have finished a Bachelor’s degree
    • Bonus skills: AWS (RedShift, S3, CloudFormation, CodePipeline), DataIKU, (py)Spark, Bokeh

    What we offer

    • Work on cool projects in different parts of the company, e.g. we have done projects in factories, commercial departments, planning, finance, and HR.
    • Pick your own work out of various dev-ops tasks; for some examples – see ‘vacancy description’.
    • Since we’re a small, growing team, you are not a cog in a big machine, but you get end-to-end responsibility
    • Our senior data engineers and data scientists are there to guide you
    • We will show you how DataIKU, Spark, AWS and Kubernetes can work together as a data science platform

    Vacancy description

    Develop web scrapers in Python. Automate monitoring on data science projects. Set-up log storage and monitoring in ELK-stack. Develop CI/CD pipeline for shared data science code. Make smart partitioned data processing for our factory sensor data and more…! 🙂

    For thousands of people every day, we are more than just a dairy company. To our farmers, our employees, the communities we serve, the businesses we work with and the people to whom we bring happiness, FrieslandCampina means something more. For them it’s not just about what we do, but who we are. We value talented people from any background who want to contribute to something bigger than themselves. We encourage all of our employees to make decisions that benefit our entire company. At FrieslandCampina we own our own career and act accordingly. We trust you to make a difference in your job and influence the bigger picture and contribute to a better world.