• Salary 5000
  • Job Intesity 40 hours
  • Duration 12+ months
  • Location NH, Amsterdam
  • Language Dutch, English
  • Function Data Engineer
  • Expertise Medior (2-4 year)
  • Education BSc
  • Industry Oil & Gas, Banking
  • Techniques AWS, Docker, Kafka, Python, Spark, SQL
  • Specialties Data Pipelines DevOps

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    Data Engineer

    Amsterdam – We are looking for a data engineer to join the News Analytics Team, a brand new team that focuses on actionable analytics to help our journalists and improve news products.

    The News Analytics Team works closely with thousands of journalists and editors of well known news brands such as Algemeen Dagblad, Het Laatste Nieuws, De Volkskrant, Trouw, Parool, De Morgen, and many more regional newspapers. These news brands are in the process of moving from an offline, print, world to an online world. The team helps them understand what works online and what does not, by providing reports, dashboards, actionable insights, and training. The team, for instance, provides insight into what the characteristics of successful articles are, what it means for a user to be satisfied with an article, and what kind of headlines work.

    As a data engineer, your role will consist of making sure our data is available and reliable. Your responsibilities include maintaining and improving current data pipelines, defining and developing new ones but also helping data analysts and scientists in publishing their models to production. Your experience with Spark, managing AWS infrastructure (including Redshift, Kinesis) and DevOps techniques (Docker, CI/CD, automation) will definitely be appreciated as we scale our data operations.

    You will work in close collaboration with other data engineers, data analysts, domain experts with a journalistic background and people from various other teams and levels throughout the organization. You will be co-located in Amsterdam with the cross functional News Analytics Team and will regularly meet with your data engineering peers in other locations, such as Antwerp.


    • Maintain and scale current data pipelines;
    • Build new data pipelines;
    • Keep the data pipelines in line with the best practices of DPG Media and bring your lessons learned to the data engineering community;
    • Identify areas of improvement in the current processes, advise on possible improvements and implement the most efficient one;
    • Put in place monitoring and alerting around data infrastructure to maintain a good quality of the data;
    • Design and implement a process that could enable real-time automated decision making based on models developed by data analysts & scientists;
    • Carry code reviews and tutoring of data analysts & scientists to help them tune their models for efficiency and speed.


    • 3+ years of experience in a similar data engineering or DevOps role;
    • Experience with AWS stack (specifically around data pipelines, storage and querying);
    • Good knowledge of at least 1 programming/scripting language (we use Python for data related scripts but this is not set in stone);
    • Good knowledge of SQL, relational and non-relational data bases;
    • Experience with Spark, Kafka and handling of data streams;
    • Able to dig deep into problems to find the best solution while keeping business priorities in mind.

    We offer

    • A competitive, experience-based salary;
    • A one-year or permanent contract;
    • 36-hour work week;
    • 12% in flexible benefits (of which 8% is holiday allowance);
    • A percentage of profit shares;
    • Reimbursement of travel expenses;
    • 24 paid holiday days;
    • An excellent pension scheme;
    • Located in Amsterdam.