Data Science Traineeships

Offering Data Science traineeships with one-year duration.

Get the opportunity to start an intense trainingspath with the duration of one year in which you will work four days a week at a blue-chip company. The fifth day of which you will be trained by teachers from The Analytics Academy; academia from the University of Amsterdam and marketspecialists working in the field for years.

Boost your digital transformation. Get instant access to young data professionals/trainees, trained with the best of both theory and practice. Young talents with deep technical knowledge, communication and problem-solving skills that perfectly fit your organization

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  • Blue-chip: Start your career at a top100 employer in the Netherlands.
  • Guidance: Get trained by experts from both the academic and business world.
  • Harvard Style: Gain experience through case studies and Data Science competitions/hackathons.
  • Buddy programme: Every trainee gets assigned a “buddy” who supports you throughout the entire process.
  • Compensation: A highly competitive monthly salary.
  • Certification: After your one-year training you will receive an official certificate.
  • Environment: You will be working within a dynamic, energetic and fun environment.
  • Life-Long: As a member you will keep your access and support through our online Slack community.


  • Relevance: Trainees with a solid AI/ Data Science background.
  • Experience: Our trainees all have relevant project or working experience.
  • Expert Training: Intensive coaching by experts from both academia and the industry.
  • Guidance: Each trainee will receive additional guidance from an assigned consultant.
  • Evaluation: Regular evaluation moments throughout the traineeship of the trainees and their development.
  • Selection: We recruit based on your desired profile.
  • Practical: A diverse training programme including Harvard-style case studies and Data Science competitions/hackathons.
  • Scale: Rapidly boost your digital transformation capabilities with young professionals.
  • Risk-Free: We carry the risks, so you can focus on your core business.
  • Onboarding: At the end of the programme you are free to onboard trainees on a permanent basis against no additional cost.